About Us

Coffs Trail Runners Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 and was registered with Fair Trading NSW on 30 May 2022.

A committee oversees the organisation of all races and are guided by a Constitution.

The 2022-23 committee is:

President – Keelan Birch
Vice President – John Mawhinney
Secretary – Chris Hamilton
Treasurer – Daniel Stein

Committee Members: Annabelle Swainston, Mark Kirstein, Peter Birch & Maaike Veenkamp


Membership for Coffs Trail Runners is $10 ($5 for a one off application fee and $5 for an annual fee)

Membership gives you the opportunity to be on the committee and attend/vote at our Annual General Meeting.

Membership is NOT required to participate in one of our events.

Membership also includes a 20% off discount code to spend on any Nathan running gear.

More perks of being a member of Coffs Trail Runners Inc. will be added.

Policies & Minutes

Coffs Trail Runners Inc – Event Policy sets out the guidelines that govern the organisation of all events.

Coffs Trail Runners Inc – General Waiver is our standard waiver for all event that may be adjusted for each event

Coffs Trail Runners Inc – Incident Report Form template available at all events to be filled out after any incidents or near misses.

Coffs Trail Runners Inc – Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities relating to the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer.

Coffs Trail Runners Inc. Annual General Meeting 2022 – Minutes

Coffs Trail Runners Inc Committee Meeting 23.07.22 – Minutes

Coffs Trail Runners Inc Committee Meeting 18.08.22 – Minutes

Coffs Trail Runners Inc Committee Meeting 15.10.2022 – Minutes

Places to Explore



Other Resources

This document Trail Runs, Hills & Races on the Coffs Coast was developed as a wealth of local knowledge for exploring the area.

Coffs Trails is a fantastic website that lists a bunch of trails on the Coffs Coast full with visual maps, GPX files and descriptions.

This document Tips for Running In The Bush is intended for those interested in trail running and contains a lot of helpful tips and tricks you should know before starting trail running.