Coffs Backyard Ultra

The inaugural Coffs Backyard Ultra will be held on:

Saturday 1st June 2024 at 8:00am

Coffs Trail Runners are excited to present the Coffs Backyard Ultra – the first backyard ultra for the North Coast of NSW.

Based at Coffs Harbour Showground with amazing facilities, the Coffs Backyard Ultra takes runners out and back along the stunning gravel Coffs Creek Track. The course is flat 100% gravel path.

Coffs Backyard Ultra focusses on inclusivity, community building, socialisation and personal achievement.

All traditional backyard ultra rules apply, except for inclusivity and mass participation reasons we allow ‘non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)’ meaning the event does not qualify runners for National Teams, ticket races or the At-Large List.

About Coffs Trail Runners

Coffs Trail Runners Inc is an not-for-profit incorporated association organised by volunteers through a Committee and governed by a Constitution.

We take pride in the fact that we successfully organise low-key, low-cost races that are community focussed and feature epic courses.

Find more information on Coffs Trail Runners here

Event Overview

Our Green Commitment

The International Trail Running Association (ITRA) Green Charter seeks to encourage the trail running community to join forces, working together to reduce the environmental impact of our sport. It lists practical step[s event organisers can take to be more eco-responsible.

We are proud to support and align to the ITRA Green Charter. Steps we are taking to reduce our environmental footprint are found here: Coffs Trail Runners x ITRA Green Charter

Coffs Backyard Ultra takes place on the Coffs Creek Track adjacent to the Coffs Creek within the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

Coffs Creek is a diverse and beautiful estuarine system of coastal swamp forests, rocky shores, mangroves, mudflats and salt marshes leading to incredible beaches and island vistas.

It is a dynamic brackish environment inhabited by a variety of fauna including fish, crustaceans, shorebirds and waders.

The Buluunggal walk section of Coffs Creek walk has a number of colourful interpretive signs describing how the Gumbaynggir people use the creek. Buluunggal is the Gumbaynggirr name for the creek, meaning mullet.

We ask that runners during the event or training:

  • Do not disturb wildlife
  • Stay on existing tracks to avoid soil erosion
  • Do not litter or an automatic disqualification will occur
  • Be eco-responsible where possible 

Event Schedule

Saturday 1st June 2024

06:30 – registration and event set up begins at Coffs Harbour Showground at 123 Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour

08:00 – first lap starts at Coffs Harbour Showground

The beginning of each lap is proceeded by a 3 minute, 2 minute and 1 minute warning bell.

A 10 second countdown in the corral then follows before the start of each lap.

At the event

Coffs Backyard Ultra takes place at Coffs Harbour Showground from the newly upgraded Exhibition Pavillion.

The Exhibition Pavilion consists of:

  • Toilets
  • Air conditioning
  • Commercial glass fridge
  • Curtain divider
  • Microwave
  • Stainless steel benches
  • Large undercover space

Tents and caravans are permitted to be set up right outside the Exhibition Pavilion next to the corral for competitors and used for the entirity of the event.

Marquees are permitted to be set up directly next to the corral. Note: there is significant undercover space in the Exhibition Pavilion.

Reflections Holiday Park has cabins, camping and caravan spaces and directly adjoins Coffs Harbour Showground.

The Bailey Centre is directly opposite Coffs Harbour Showground and includes fuel, Rebel Sport, food, cafe, pharmacy and more.

Milestones / Prizes

  • Special overall winner prize to last one standing.
  • Prizes for the top 5 male and females left standing
  • Milestone prizes will be given for those who achieve: 4 laps (26.8km), 8 laps (53.6km), 15 laps (100.5km), 24 laps (100 miles) and 30 laps (201km).
  • One milestone prize per runner. For example if you achieve 17 laps (113.9km), you will receive the 15 laps milestone prize but not the 8 lap milestone prize as well. The larger the milestone, the larger the prize.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules?

All traditional backyard ultra rules apply. However, we are breaking the rule that “No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)”. This means that alongside the traditional, competitive open ended backyard ultra format, we are having a flexible, social and community centred approach where you can do as many laps you like as long as the Last One Standing event is still happening. We understand this community event will not count to the At-Large List, National Records or ticket races.

Why not just make this an official backyard ultra?

To promote mass participation for those who only want to do one or two laps or for those that can’t make the Saturday 1st June 8:00am start time, we are being flexible in allowing people to join in for a lap anytime during the event while the competitive Last One Standing event  is still happening as well as take ‘rest’ laps as needed.

As we allow non-competitive runners on the course, it technically means it is not an official backyard ultra. We are comfortable with this as our focus is on mass participation and not attracting elite runners. We are all volunteers and we have not planned for the to go over multiple days (i.e. into Monday and Tuesday).

What are the start times?

If you are doing the competitive Last One Standing format, you must start at Saturday 8:00am if you want to be in the mix for Last One Standing event and prizes.

Otherwise you can do a lap/s whenever you like as long as there is two people left in the Last One Standing format

More Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any qualification requirements?

There are no qualification requirements to Coffs Backyard Ultra , however it is expected that you will train appropriately for the event. There is no age limit but children under 10 years old must run with an adult. Other non-competitors (i.e. kids on bikes, support crew) are allowed on the course given the rule of “No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)” is already being broken

How do the milestone prizes work?

Milestone prizes apply to those who do laps continuously starting at Saturday 1st June at 8:00am and those who skip laps or start at a different time. Milestone prizes are awarded for total number of laps run which does not have to be continuous. For example, you could do four laps in a row OR you could do one lap at Saturday 10:00am, one at Saturday 2:00pm, one at Saturday 5:00pm and another at Sunday 9:00am (assuming the competitive Last One Standing format is still happening) giving you a total of 4 laps and a 4 lap milestone prize.

What if I start in the competitive format at 8:00am Saturday 1st June but need to rest a lap?

Your continuous total from 8:00am Saturday 1st June until you rest will be your competitive Last One Standing total. For example, if you ran 10 laps starting at 8:00am on Saturday 1st June, rest for 2 laps, then run 5 more laps then 10 laps will count in the competitive Last One Standing totals. Yet you will achieve a milestone prize for a total of 15 laps (100.2km). However, if someone else does 12 laps without rest, their total in the Last One Standing format will be higher. Any laps run after resting for a lap will count towards milestone prizes but not towards the competitive Last One Standing totals or prizes.

Can I camp, bring a caravan or a 3m x 3m marquee or similar?

Yes. Camping and parking caravans are permitted directly adjacent to the starting corral at the Exhibition Pavilion throughout the event. Marquees are permitted directly adjacent to the starting corral at the Exhibition Pavilion.


Coffs Backyard Ultra is organised entirely by volunteers! The event would not occur without help from Coffs Trail Runners Committee or on the day volunteers.

We will offer a FREE race entry to Rumble in the Jungle 2024 to anyone who volunteers as listed below.

Fill out the volunteer form below and claim your FREE race entry. 

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