GBomb Trail Run

Sunday 25th August 2024



GBomb is a mountain biking event held in Bom Bom State Forest by Bom Bom Racing.

Bom Bom State Forest is located near Grafton with a myriad of singletracks and fire trails.

The course is 10km looped course on flowing singletrack with an option of 1 lap (10km), 2 laps (20km) and 3 laps (30km).

Event Location: Bom Bom Mountain Bike Park, NSW, 2460 (Google Maps). Situated 10 minutes from Grafton or 1 hour from Coffs Harbour.

The event is listed and insured by AURA and approved by Forestry Corporation of NSW.

Event Schedule

Sunday 25th August, 2024

06:30 – Registration for all distances opens 

06:50 – 30km run briefing 

07:00 – Start of 30km 

07:20 – 20km run briefing

07:30 – Start of 20km 

07:50 – 10km run briefing  

08:00 – Start of 10km

12:00 – course closure for all distances

Course Description

Bom Bom State Forest is located near Grafton with a myriad of singletracks and fire trails.

The course is 10km looped course on flowing singletrack with an option of 1 lap (10km), 2 laps (20km) and 3 laps (30km)

Entry fee for 1 lap (10km) is $10

Entry fee for 2 laps (20km) is $20

Entry fee for 3 laps (30km) is $30

Total ascent and descent per lap: 100m

A checkpoint will be located at the start / finish of each lap at every 10km.

Our Green Commitment

The International Trail Running Association (ITRA) Green Charter seeks to encourage the trail running community to join forces, working together to reduce the environmental impact of our sport. It lists practical step[s event organisers can take to be more eco-responsible.

We are proud to support and align to the ITRA Green Charter. Steps we are taking to reduce our environmental footprint are found here: Coffs Trail Runners x ITRA Green Charter

Coffs Backyard Ultra takes place on the Coffs Creek Track adjacent to the Coffs Creek within the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

Coffs Creek is a diverse and beautiful estuarine system of coastal swamp forests, rocky shores, mangroves, mudflats and salt marshes leading to incredible beaches and island vistas.

It is a dynamic brackish environment inhabited by a variety of fauna including fish, crustaceans, shorebirds and waders.

The Buluunggal walk section of Coffs Creek walk has a number of colourful interpretive signs describing how the Gumbaynggir people use the creek. Buluunggal is the Gumbaynggirr name for the creek, meaning mullet.

We ask that runners during the event or training:

  • Do not disturb wildlife
  • Stay on existing tracks to avoid soil erosion
  • Do not litter or an automatic disqualification will occur
  • Be eco-responsible where possible 

'Trail Sisters' Approved

Trail Sisters support, enhance, and equalize women’s experience in trail racing. By implementing these standards race events commit to a welcoming experience for women participants. This will help to increase women’s participation in trail (and ultra) events as well as provide awareness of the needs, expectations, and support, female runners’ desire.

Coffs Trail Runners is proud to align to the Trail Sisters Approved Standards in all our races in the following ways:

1. Equal Podiums & Awards: We offer equal number of podium spots and awards amongst men & women participants in all our races
2. Women’s Specific Apparel & Swag: We offer women’s fit and sizing option for all our race shirts.
3. Menstrual Products at Aid Stations: All our manned Checkpoints at every race will have menstrual products (tampons & pads) available.
4. Women on the Starting Line: Women are invited to be at the front of the starting line and through equal media coverage to create an equitable experience for both the participants and the audience.
5. Pregnancy & Postpartum Policy: We offer a deferral for all runners for all our races which covers this, regardless of their circumstances (pregnancy, injury etc).